Food Drive CrossFit Beckley


Hey athletes. Thanksgiving is approaching us soon. Many people have a hard time providing healthy meals for their family everyday, not just Thanksgiving. Liz and Josh both CrossFit in our box. Liz and her family is a part of the following food pantry. Once I read it and how it worked, I thought this is a Food Pantry that I would like to support. Starting tomorrow through next Friday we are asking for a small donation to help this food pantry. Its your choice on how much or any to give. Give your money, check, or non perishable food items to your coach that day!

Bread of Life Food Pantry
110A Main Street
Oak Hill WV 25901

The Bread of Life Food Pantry opened their doors to the community in January 2014 as a way to meet great need that many people are facing, that is hunger. Very few people know the staggering statistics on this problem:

21% of WV Children are food insecure (they don’t have enough to eat)
26% of WV Families have food hardships
13% of People worldwide don’t have enough food to be healthy
1.02 Billion People worldwide are hungry

Our Food Pantry is somewhat different than others in our area, in three areas:
1. We primarily focus on meats, frozen meals and fresh fruit and vegetables.
2. Someone in the home MUST have a job in order to qualify for our program.
3. Food is give out the same day it’s delivered so recipients have access to fresh food.

The Bread of Life Food Pantry partners with The Mountain Food Bank in Gassaway WV. They are able to sell us food for a significant reduction on price because of their partnership with major retail and grocery stores across the state. This is what your money can buy:

$1 – 5.25lbs Meat
$1 – 5.25lbs Frozen Food
$5 – 25lbs Mixed Food Boxes
Dairy, Fruits, Vegetables are given to us free, based on availability.

The Bread of Life takes care of over 30 families per month, distributing over 4,000lbs if food. This year alone over 30,000lbs of food has be received by people living in Fayette and Raleigh Counties. This community outreach is ran under the umbrella of Extravagant Revolution, a community based, non-profit organization in Fayetteville, WV. They also founded Feed Thirty-6, a backpack program that provides over 16,000 meals and 11,000 snacks to elementary children and Camp Believe, a week long camp for teens & adults with intellectual impairments.

So please Crossfit Beckley, Reach in your pockets and lets help out this group!!!

Jump Rope….as winter sets in we will be using our rowers once again and jump ropes. We have about 8 house jump ropes. But everyone is different heigth etc. Most CF Athletes have their own personal jump rope. A good place to get one is RogueFitness. Yeah you can find cheap ones on Ebay and Amazon but they are not the greatest but will work. So I am saying this now so you can decided whether or not to purchase you a good jump rope. If you need anyhelp picking one out, let us know. Thanks