Alright CFBrs, Monday starts a new week. Several have been hit and miss the last two weeks. Due to snow, Illness and some slacking. We are challenging all of you to show up Monday to start off a new month! February is over! If you don’t wanna do the 15.1 that’s OK, you can do something else! I will be back Monday all day, so lets challenge ourselves to get our butts in there! Hope to see you Monday. 2PM is back on schedule! ~David and Cyndie~

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Member Spotlight Candi Crouse

This was Candice Crouse before CrossFit. Candice has been with us since we opened. We can not say enough about how dedicated Candice is to CrossFit Beckley. She is proof that our programming works at CFB. She is normally the female to beat when it comes to strength wods. Candice used to hate weights. She was like most women who wanted to Zumba, Yoga, and run. Candice is now the one to beat on all  wods including heavy weight wods when others outweigh her by 40+ lbs,  she weighs less than 120lbs. CFB started strength training heavy last October and you can see what has done for her. Here is her story in her own words.

No Good Excuses

Why did I finally take the step to walk in those gym doors?

It is very intimidating to walk into a gym and start from the bottom. My third child was two and I complained to my husband about how my body had changed. His response was, “Candi, you do not exercise”. I deep down knew that he was right. I was 32 years old and gravity, age, and child bearing had started to take its toll. He had bought me all kinds of home machines over the years, but I did not stick with using them. I am a teacher so I made it my summer project to get back in shape.

The Challenges

I started a TRX class that summer and literally could not do a sit-up or a push up. I had weight to lose, but the biggest issue was the muscles I had neglected to use for so long. It was so humbling, but made me mad enough that it made me hungry for improvement. I wanted immediate results, which do not happen. I wanted to see a lean and tone body within weeks. You have to be realistic! How long did it take you to get this way? It will take time to undo years of neglecting your body.

As the summer ended, my oldest child’s sports picked back up and with school starting I could not attend my summer morning TRX class. I had to start coming to this extreme class in the evening. I finished last my first day there. Again humbling, but still making me want to work that much harder to improve.

It was around this time David and Cyndie received their CrossFit license and our box opened. The evenings were a struggle to get to with three children and working full time and so I had to start coming in the morning before work. I was one of the reasons CrossFit Beckley started a 5 a.m. class. I could get up and go before work and have my evenings free with my children. I had worked too hard to make progress to just give up so I gave up sleep in order to continue my fight for being fit and healthier.

Diet Changes

Our box will always tell you that nutrition is the key. You can exercise all you want, but if you do not change your eating habits you will not see the changes you want to see. For me, I gave up soda completely and went to only drinking water. I also gave up fried foods and limited my sweets. With exercise I quickly lost over 27 pounds. I gained pounds back eventually in the form of muscle, but did not gain those inches back!

The Benefits

1. My husband and I have fitness in common now. Instead of begrudging the time he spent at the gym it is now common friends and something we both love. Group exercise is amazing to have that family type atmosphere encouraging you every day.

2. Fighting off genetic history of heart disease and type 2 diabetes that run in my family. It is a stress reliever and time I set aside even if it is at the crack of dawn for me.

3. A tone and leaner body that is strong. I had never touched free weights in my life until CrossFit. Hard to believe being married to Britt who lives in the weight room. I struggled at first, but it is one of my favorite things now!

Tips for Success

1. Be dedicated. At first I thought to myself I will go three days a week and I purposely missed any day with weights because I hated them. As our box started David had a meeting and basically said you will only get back what you are willing to put in. So I knew if I wanted to improve I was going to have to change my way of thinking. I work out at least 5 days a week.

2. Stay humble: it keeps you tolerable and hungry to continue to improve. Wallballs and rowing keep me very humble, but humility is something I believe in all parts of my life.

3. Do not take your health for granted anymore. You can change, but it will take work. My mother was a vegetable my whole life from a fast and aggressive form of multiple sclerosis. It took her life when I was in college, but stole her quality of life years before. I think of her and what she could not do. If you have the gift of health do not take it for granted. Thank God for the health you have been given and do not complain if you are not willing to change or put in the hard work that will be needed. The results are worth the hard work!


CFB now has a Team Nutritionist, Jeremy Mullins! Here’s how it works!

So after Angie went to Jeremy’s seminar in Bluefield this past weekend, she sent me a text stating how awesome it was and thanking us for advising her to go. Angie is a PA and has alot of knowledge concerning the medical field but was amazed at all she learned from Jeremy.

I know Cyn and I have went on and on about this lecture. Why? Because you need it!! We needed Jeremy

All new athletes that join now will now do a mandatory 30 Min consult with Jeremy. Your first month rate will be $20 more than your ongoing rate. Jeremy charges $99 hour/ $59 1/2 hour. He is giving CFB a discount of $40 1/2 hour. CFB will pay half of the special rate.

Any veteran CFB athletes that would like to have a 30 min consult with Jeremy may do so. See David or Cyn and we will arrange your consultation. CFB will pay 1/2 meaning you will only pay $20!

You can also join our CFB Closed Nutrition FB Group that Jeremy help administrates.

In the pyramid of CrossFit, Nutrition is the foundation of CrossFitpyr