If you havnt ever experienced the Team/Partner WODS on Saturday, make sure you show up this Saturday at 8:30. Saturdays you get to see and wod with people you gererally dont see in the week due to different wod times. These Team WODS are FUN!! Also makes it a little more guilt free the rest of Saturday and Sunday watching the ballgames and chugging a little or eating that delicious tailgate food! We will also be serving free our new Muscle Mocha after the WOD so you can try this delicious protein packed post workout drink! Hope to see you here Saturday at 8:30!!!

There is a new tab at the top of our site “CFB Discounts” We are teaming up with local businesses to give discounts to CFB Athletes and LA East Fitness members. Every penny counts and it helps local busiensses and helps offset your monthly membership fees. To date we have partnered with The County Shop, Lewis Automotive, Chris Grose Chiro, Health Smart, The Char, Pasquli’s, Skyline Resort-Seasons Restaurant and Rich and Ernie’s Pub, iDoctor, and Big Sandy Superstores. We have more pending. Its a WIN WIN for everyone. Please take advantage of these discounts. If we dont use, we lose the discount.