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New WOD setup

Starting next week athletes will now have the option to do the METCON WOD only. What does this mean?
The Strength WOD and stretch will be from the start time of the WOD to :30 of the WOD. The METCON will start exactly at :30 of the WOD time.

12:00 Strength WOD
12:30 METCON

This means you can walk into CFB at 12:20 and do the METCON WOD and skip the lifting! Most “Elite” or “Wanna Be Elite” will be there the entire hour. However lifting heavy weights may not be everyone’s goal. They may just want the killer cardio light weight training. This will also help those running late; Instead of missing, at least you can get your High Intensity Training in and still get an awesome workout in.

Also if there is a back to back WOD like 7am 8am and 4pm 5pm you can do the METCON at 7:30 and stay into the 8am and get your lifting in afterwards. Don’t matter to us.

We I hope this helps some of you to get to the box more frequently. CrossFit is designed for those that are serious about getting in shape. If you look at the top 10 gals and guys each day on SugarWod, they comes everyday of the week. That’s why they are the fittest and leanest.