Maintnance Fee

Dont forget as you renew this month, your $25 maintnance fee will be collected. If you are on auto draft it will come out of you your acct on a seperate day than your CF dues come out. Its only $25 per family not per person if you have more than one in your contract. This is for all Crossfitters that have been with us over 6 months


Todays WOD

I have taken the clock and the time off todays WOD. As soon as noon started today there went the knees on the ground on the pushups. We have to stop this. I put weights under each of them and it made the wod alot harder. Heres the deal. You cant take your score in crossfit and try on clothes. You cant go to the beach with your score marked on your body and look good. You cant get stronger with a big score and bad form. You pay to get a better body, to get stronger, and to look and feel great. Scores dont leave the room. We have the games coming up next week and Cyndie and I feel we need to start working on form and technique once again. Very high intense workouts are great and will wind you quickly, however we need to get stronger at the same time. If you cant get your knees up, then you need serious work on your core. If you are new, thats understandable, however, we work core daily on all workouts. Slow down and get your knees up. I promise you will be winded and arms will be tired. Not to mention hip crease below the knee and the chin best be over the bar. I see alot of butterfly that you may think your chin is over, but its not. GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT!
Coach DC