New CrossFit Beckley Plus

After reading different athletes workouts I have come to the conclusion that extra lifting besides CrossFit is OK and Beneficial. I for one have made great gains working in the gym in the evenings and combining the CrossFit upper body core workouts that my body allows me to do. Effective today, CrossFit Beckley members now have full access to LA East’s huge free weight room to get in some extra lifting that is beneficial to strength conditioning. Don’t get me wrong, CrossFit is the most beneficial all around I have seen in my lifetime. However bigger gains can be made with a strength workout on the side. You simply cant left heavy every single day in CrossFit and continue great metabolic conditioning. So..Enjoy If anyone from LA East wants to use the CrossFit room and wod, simply see David and we can put the difference of your LA East membership and to make up $99 and you can do the same! Win Win