Coming this Fall…………..Muscle Mocha…..Great morning Post Workout or Great before work!


CFBS Muscle Coffee 20oz    VS    Starbucks Skinny Peppermint Mocha 16oz
170 Calories                                     130 Calories
Total Carb 11g                                 Total Carb 17g
Total Fat 1g                                      Total Fat 1.5g
Sugars 5g                                         Sugar 13g
Protein 31g                                       Protein 13g
Caffeine 200mg                                Caffeine 150mg
Price $4.00                                    Price $5.23




To keep Chip from having to explain this, The After Party for DWTS has to be prepaid to get in. All this money goes towards his votes. The $25 cover basically everything except if you want to go pure Crown Royal or Grey Goose. We would love to see everyone at the After party whether you make it to the show or now to help support his run. However I feel it needs explained how it works. So dig deep down and help Chip and The United Way to raise money for the less fortunate. We are all blessed we dont need to use these services.

CFB your box is ready for tomorrow! Want to say thanks to Chip, Kendall, Jeanne, Kati, Keith and Cyn. Best of luck to our athletes, proud of you!! Tomorrow is going to be crazy hectic but take a moment to enjoy and reflect where you started. Look how far you’ve come, that’s what matters. Thank you for all of our volunteers that are helping to make tomorrow a success. Couldn’t do it without your help! Time to shine!