Water Policy is now posted at top!

I failed to go over this with the athletes on 30 day trial. I will make sure I cover this each and every time someone signs up on the 30 day trial.

The box has a refrigerator for water. The way this works, each members brings a case of water when we get low. If you don’t drink the water, then no need to bring any. However if you do, you need to do your part and stop and get a case once we indicate we need water. You can always purchase water at the juice bar for a $1. If you drink water when you are finishing the WOD then take a bottle into the Sauna with you then you need to bring 2 cases of water when its time to replenish the water. Please don’t be that person that doesn’t participate but drinks the water daily. Coach DC coaches 90% of the WODS and those of you that know him, He observes EVERYTHING