Special New Years Day WOD


roguethW00O7718New Years Day WOD!! CrossFit Beckley will give out 10 $25 Gift Cards to Rogue Fitness. Everyone that WODS and starts their NEW YEAR off at CrossFit Beckley will be put into a drawing to win a Gift Card to Rogue. Wait, were not done yet. Everyone that WODS New Years Day we will be donating $5 per person to a Charity of Choice. Anyone that brings in someone New Years Day to sign up on our 30 Day Free Trial, we will double the amount on that person and donate $10!! Everyone that shows up will write down their charity of choice. Once the WOD is over, we will draw a Charity and the Charity drawn will get the total donation. ($500.00 Limit Total) So share this with your friends at work, family, and friends and help them start the New Year out right at CrossFit Beckley. Its all Free! You know what CrossFit Beckley has done for you, now share it with someone else. We also have a 60 day Money Back guarantee once they join. Who does this? Unlimited CrossFit only $79 plus you get all the amenities of LA East Fitness! CrossFit Beckley, your Original CrossFit Box in Beckley

This Nutritionist was booked 3 months ago with Jan 3rd being first available when I called him to come to Beckley. Perfect for the New Year! This is open to the public so RSVP ASAP. Only 40 seats! CrossFit Affiliate Owner/CrossFit HQ Nutritionist Consultant


Confused by all the diet/nutrition plans out there? Have goals to lose body fat, weight loss, better performance, or gain strength but not sure where to begin?

Nutrition lecture at LA East Fitness/CrossFit Beckley Saturday, January 3rd Starting at 9AM-4PM with Author, “Butter It Up” and Entrepreneur, Coach, CrossFit Thunder Owner, Endurance Athlete, Expert Nutrionist, Jeremy Mullins MS. He holds many roles!! Meet Jeremy and gain knowledge that will give you a jump start on the New Year 2015!!

Jeremy is a graduate of Marhsall University (currently Marhsall University Football team nutritionist), and has a Bachelors Degree in Dietetics and a Masters Degree in Clinical Dietitics. He owns a CrossFit Gym in Huntington WV (CrossFit Thunder). Jeremy is a nutrionist consultant with CrossFit HQ and has been traveling around the country for the past few years educating CrossFitters and other individuals on Health and Nutrition.

This nutrition seminar will help each individual learn how to attain their goals as no one diet/nutrition plan is best for all. It is not Paleo focused but will touch on Paleo and Zone Diets as templates to eating whole foods. This seminar will be more focused on overall nutrition, how to live a healthier lifestyle in general, and how to meet your goals as it is different for each individual person (weight loss, performance, increase strength, etc.) Jeremy will also discuss which supplements to take and what you would be eating pre workout and post workout.

Price $75.00 Class is limited!! Only 40 Seats RSVP at 304-252-7000 or david@crossfitbeckley.com