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David Chinn-Owner President-LA East Fitness, CrossFit Beckley
CrossFit Level 2  Certiticate
CrossFIt Kids Cert
TRX Certified Trainer
Strategic Leadership-Masters Degree

Cynthia Chinn
CrossFit Level 2 Cert
Zumba Fintess Cert
TRX Certified Trainer
Pysical Therapist Assistant

After working out for 20 years and owning a fitness center for 10 years I stumbled across CrossFit from a friend of mine. She was bragging how many sizes around her waist she had lost and how great she felt. I started to look into CrossFit and I ASSUMED it was another class. Here today – gone tomorrow. However after paying the certification fee which I thought was high compared to all of the other certs I received, I realized what CrossFit really is. Their methodology is the perfecit prescription for well balanced fitness. It was brought to my attention that a marathon runner can run many miles however he or she has very little muscle strength, limited flexibility, and very little speed. At the same time, you take a power lifter, he or she can’t run very far and their endurance is limited. CrossFit trains their athletes not to be the strongest or to run 10 miles faster than their competitor, they train you to be fast and strong. Their Constantly Varied, High Intensity, Functional Movement workouts help the athlete to do the common-uncommonly well. You never do the same workout.

Here it is in a nutshell:
Hard work gets the job done. There are no magic pills or fancy machines here. The movements performed are elemental for life and the workouts push you to your limits of ability, allowing you to increase your fitness and reach your goals.

Crossfit workouts are designed for everyone. We scale intensity and load to fit anyone. We don’t alter this program. This system works for elderly individuals with heart disease as well as the police and fire academics, military, and special operations teams.

It is safe. The movements are necessary for life, not isolation movements that you would only perform on a machine at the gym.
We have coaches at every class, ensuring your techniques and safety.

It is fun! Being in a group setting helps you in several ways. The camaraderie shared with fellow crossfitters is a powerful tool in helping you achieve your fitness goals, classmates help to keep you accountable and encourage you. Also, everyday is different because crossfit is constantly varied. You never do the same routine. This keeps your workouts fresh and exciting!

No matter what your fitness goals are, crossfit will get you there!

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